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Please let me know beforehand what you would like to work with.  It can be all, two or three or just focussing on one area like Art or Somatics. I need to know prior to your visit to organise equipment or spaces that will be used. Thankyou.

Anxieties – Many people suffer from anxieties from personal issues to global.  We find being in nature may help with many of these, from fear of being outside, feeling detached from nature, depression etc. to fear of Climate Change and Solastalgia (the lived experience of negatively perceived environmental change.)

Somatics – describes any practice that uses the mind-body connection to help you survey your internal self and listen to signals your body sends about areas of pain, discomfort, or imbalance. With Ecotherapy we use the body within Nature to help you relax such as dance and breathing exercises.

Biophillia – Humans have always been drawn to, dependent on, and fascinated by the natural world. Biophilia, which literally translates to “love of life,” is the idea that this fascination and communion with nature stem from an innate, biologically-driven need to interact with other forms of life such as animals and plants. Basically it means it is in our DNA to interact and/or love nature as we are a ‘part of’ not separate from. This is my personal mantra; I hope it becomes yours.

Eco Spirituality – This is covered with working with trees, Ritual, Rites of Passage, Drumming and how to create Sacred spaces.

Art – Clay: Painting: Earthart: Photograpy: Poetry: Story, Myth and Legend: Song: New and beautiful words for nature: Enhancing found natural objects: Eco design. All are available for full immersion in Ecotherapy.

Cycles in Nature – The Four Elements (earth, air, fire, water): The Seasons (Winter, spring, summer, autumn): The moon, sun, planets and stars.  All are part of the Nature program that is offered.  Ideas and suggestions help you navigate your way through our natural world.

Garden – And of course our garden and farm provide a safe and gentle place to explore your relationship with Nature. Flowers: Fruit: Herbs: Weeds: Trees:  Foraging: Composting: Insects: Soil microbes: Soil web.  I have many, many ways for you to reconnect with yourself and nature.

Animals – Birds, Dogs, Cats, Horses, farm animals and others, like hedgehogs and rabbits are all a part of the natural environment.  Experiences with our local fauna is certainly encouraged and guided if required.

Conservation – Planting trees: Giving back to Nature: Recycling: Permaculture/Organics: Eco design.  We encourage conservation here at Earthsounds by giving you a native tree to plant somewhere on the farm, recycling of course and even designing an Eco garden. I can give you some tips on Organic/Permaculture gardening as I am fully train in Organics/Biodynamics and Permaculture from Taruna in Havelock North.

Solo – If you wish, we have three different accommodations available to experience time on your own in nature.  Some people find this difficult, some absolutely love the time to themselves or the challenge.

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