Herbal Remedies

All the herbs are sourced from my garden. They are thanked for their contribution when cut, then dried in my Sound/Herb room. From there I decide how they will be used. I only take a sustainable amount of a particular herb so there will only be a certain amount available until the next year. I craft balms, salves, tinctures and teas, amulets, rustic incense and smudge sticks, ritual bath bags and heat packs. Products range from $10 – $40

I am also passionate about making up mixes for individual needs. All are based on the Traditional Herbalist’s way of using the ‘spiritual quality’ of the particular herb. An example of this is Chamomile, a herb most people are familiar with. Chamomile’s spiritual qualities are ‘that it may show the way to Inner Self, it also gives a feeling of happiness and comfort’. I then use these qualities to match with the issue that a person may have, or a combination of herbs. I will then make up a mix of appropriate herbs for either an amulet, a tea or an incense. I prefer to see you in person but I can also do a phone consultation if you are too far away.

Amulets: A variety of herbs chosen for their spiritual qualities in a bag. They can be either worn or placed under your pillow.
Smudge Sticks: White Sage, Wormwood, Mullian, Juniper or a mix of herbs available.
Salves: No essential oils added, purely herbs
Balms: Herbs with essential oils added
Heat pack: Full of great herbs for those sore spots
Herbal Tinctures: My tinctures are based on the spiritual quality of the herb NOT their medicinal quality
Tisane blends: herbs only

Incense: Rustic: loose herbs and gum mixes
Bath bags: Cotton bags full of appropriate herbs. Hang over the tap or float in the water. Can be used for ritual cleansing or just relaxing

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