About Me

Hi, my name is Rosemary Filleul

I am a qualified Sound Therapist and hold two Diplomas from BAST (The British Academy of Sound Therapy) PL.Dip.ST (BAST) and Group Sound Therapy and  Dip.GST (BAST). 

I am also a qualified professional Eco/Nature Therapist with a Diploma of Ecotherapy (Groupwork) with earthcreateheal.com (Aust.)

I offer professional services in Sound Therapy for individuals and groups as well as guidance in Ecotherapy and/or reconnecting with Nature.

In this modern age of electronic devices and a fast pace of living, many people find themselves disconnected from nature . We can find our way back to a life of peace and tranquility by learning from all that Mother Nature has to offer. Living and working in this environment has given me the opportunity to develop my passion for traditional herbal knowledge and vibrational healing through sound. The combination of Sound Therapy, Traditional Herbals and Ecotherapy is what I offer at Earthsounds Retreat. Anyone that wishes to start their healing journey, or are just interested in following the nature path of wisdom.

At Earthsounds we offer guidance by being a co-therapist with sound and nature. Our  farm has a private river and a small lake to relax by, you may wander the hills if you wish, do a walking meditation in the Labyrinth or Spiral Walk, read books from my library on spiritual practices or just sit in the food forest or garden and listen to the birds.

We are based in the centre of the North Island of New Zealand just out of Taumarunui and have a fully serviced cottage available for accommodation. 

Come and join me in a journey back to Nature


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