The Garden

They say that most plants are herbs, including weeds. Therefore, yes I confess, I cultivate weeds in my garden! I call it my ‘wild sacred garden’ where weeds nestle beside ‘proper’ herbs, where birds are allowed to eat the berries and small wildlife come out to hunt at night.

Our garden is a combination of native trees and fruit trees, a food forest and wildlife lawn, vegetable garden, small frog ponds, a fernery and shade garden, a spiral meditation walk, stone circle and a labyrinth. Within all these areas are my herbs/weeds which I use in my products. The garden is run on organic principles using a lot of compost and liquid fertilisers, which are made on the property.

If you wish to visit, the garden is open between 1st December to the 31st March by appointment. I am happy to give you a guided tour or you can just have a wander around on you own, and pick a few weeds! Gold coin donation.

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