About Ecotherapy


Please note that the Ecotherapy connection is only available over the summer months from 1st November to the 31st May. The retreat is always available to book through airbnb.com and booking.com under Earthsounds Country Cottage. Sound Therapy sessions are also available all year round, just email or phone for an appointment.

ABOUT: The term ‘ecotherapy’ is used interchangeably with the term ‘naturetherapy’. They are referring to the same principle.

Ecotherapy is ‘applied’ ecopsycology which is practiced in the field of stress related issues. Climate change, disconnection from nature, Solistalgia are modern global issues that clients may be struggling with.  Then there are the more personal issues that clients may present which can be helped with exercises created by the ecotherapist. 

To summarise, ecotherapy refers to therapies and activities which deliberately aim to improve mental health and wellbeing through connection with nature.

Ecotherapy is a broad, umbrella term. How it is approached depends on the therapist. Ecotherapy may be primarily focused on horticulture and gardening, for example by getting a group of people who struggle with their mental health together to cultivate growth, or in my case, encouraging people to get back in touch with their basic need for connection with nature.  After all we are all part of our ecosystem.

To book a stay please phone Rosemary 027 4726975 email rosemary.filleul@gmail.com

Cloak of Nature

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