Slowdown and then you may notice the smallest of beauties

My Earth Cloak

My daughter made this cloak for me, it took her a year and she felt it represented my inner nature, as in Nature/Earth/Gaia. I use it for ritual and ceremony but I do not need to wear it to feel the Mother protecting, guiding, having fun with, weeping, laughing, sleeping, feeling joy and sadness, and honestly, the hard work that goes into living with an Ecoself. Up until now I never knew there was an actual name for how I lived my life, so I feel uncomfortable using the word Ecoself.  It is just how I roll as they say.

From the age of about seven when I sat on a large boulder and felt the natural world come together in my heart I have always worked and lived, in and on the land.

My father owned an industrial business in Napier, but we lived on the outskirts in a rural setting.  Fields, trees, creeks, gardens, livestock and quiet were the norm.  From there I always worked on farms in Hastings, Dannevirke, Gisborne, UK and eventually, Taumarunui.  I did have a business in Wellington before I moved to Taumarunui but I have never done cities well, I find it hard to breathe.  While I was there, I spent as much time as I could, not having coffees in town but seeking out places to be in the country, away from the city.  My Ecoself or Earth Cloak was becoming very heavy and scratchy there….and very loud!

She was saying “it’s all very well loving nature but you have to ‘practice’ being with me. Practice immersing yourself fully in loving nature in ALL my aspects, when I am throwing rain, snow, wind or drought at you or sunshine and beautiful days. Learn the spiritual qualities of plants, trees, and herbs. Practice formal ceremony and ritual as well as the informal i.e. walking with intent, bathing in the river with gratitude. Practice paying attention to the smallest as well as the largest, the inert as well as the living.  Be with me everyday and night”.   

And I have.  Over the years I have walked the hills, put bare feet on frosty grass, bathed with reverence in the river, created gardens, eaten the organic fruit and vegetables from my garden with thanks, nurtured children, animals, plants, rocks, streams, and rivers. I have observed changes on the land and in myself, witnessed deaths, created many, many rituals, and ceremonies, sang songs, felt vibrations, and drummed this land into being. I am part of her, and she is a part of me.

Earth Create Heal Video

Getting Ecocentric

A video created by Earth Create Heal about our wonderful Residential experiences in New Zealand and Australia. Here is the You Tube link…..

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