Session Testimonials

Magic!  Thank you Rosemary for sharing this magnificent healing and majestic land with us. Angie Starr, Australia

I had two relaxing sound therapy sessions with Rosemary and her knowledge and explanations in earth-based wellness connected with sound, prepared us for a journey of wonderful quality.  The influence of sound, amplified by an aura of calmness and richness, created total relaxation in my body and mind.  Simultaneously, it also influenced my whole physique to respond.  The influence of sound & vibration had a long-lasting positive effect on my wellbeing and on the clarity of my mind. Thanks Rosemary for this great experience!  Helena Dow, NZ

We  didn’t know what to expect but ended up having an unforgettable experience. Rosemary’s welcoming attitude put us at ease straight away. The intimacy of the sound session allowed us to explore our own individual journeys, as well as sharing what we had felt afterwards. Rosemary’s blend of differing but complementing sounds transported us all.  It was a unique experience. We would recommend it to anyone – it’s a fantastic thing that anyone can do, whether to relax or for longer journeys. Can’t wait to try it again! Ame Kushner,  Auckland

What a retreat!  Thankyou for the lovely relaxing stay.  A highlight was sausages over the open fire down by the river. Andrea, Grant, Willow, Mayer and Quinn, Auckland


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