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I offer a taste of a Sound Session here with this link, please enjoy…

Sound Therapy for Individuals
Relaxation Soundbaths for Individuals or couples

Relaxation Soundbaths are just that!  Relaxing.  Give your partner or friend a treat……  If you are willing to pay for my travel and accommodation then I am happy to come to you or find me in Taumarunui (see contacts)  $60 for a 1 hour session

Therapeutic Sound Therapy for Individuals 1-2-1

If you feel that you would like 1-2-1 Therapeutic Sound Sessions then please contact me to make an appointment. I do a minimum of 4 sessions over a month.  If you are willing to travel then they do say that Taumarunui is the middle of everywhere! Accommodation is also available at The Cottage.

Massage with BOB (Bowl on Body)

As you can imagine, when the Himalayan bowls are placed on the body and ‘sung’, the vibrations are magnified through the muscle.  It is very similar to a regular massage in that it may relax any tight, sore muscles and relieve tension.  $60 for a 1 hour session

Sound Therapy for Groups
Relaxation Soundbaths 

These can be used for workplaces, groups of friends, wedding showers, retreats, small or large groups, anyone that needs, or wants to have a great experience with sound. Just relax and enjoy the beautiful sounds of my instruments.

Therapeutic Soundbaths

Therapeutic Soundbath can be used as a tool to help with workplace disagreements or even to enhance the wellbeing in the office. Having this type of Soundbath may help a group come together or strengthen what is already there. I also use Therapeutic Soundbaths with any groups who wish to participate in exploring their individual dis-ease, whether it be emotional or physical, and there is no need to share your story with others if you choose not to.  


A Soundscape is a piece of art made with sound. It is a fun way to encourage a group to explore how they can work well as a group.

Narrative Soundscapes

Narrative Soundscapes are when individuals have the freedom to express how they are feeling through the instruments they choose to use, in a group art piece. In my experience of guiding these sessions they can be VERY effective in releasing stress, pent up emotions, grief, anger, disappointment, worry, old or unhelpful beliefs and many more issues that hold us for ransom at times.


Typically, people gather to drum in drum “circles” with others from the surrounding community. The drum circle offers equality because there is no head or tail. It includes people of all ages. The main objective is to share rhythm and get in tune with each other and themselves. To form a group consciousness. To entrain and resonate. By entrainment, I mean that a new voice, a collective voice, emerges from the group as they drum together. If you have a group and wish to learn some of the techniques of how to lead a drumming circle please contact me.

All Group sessions are based on 6 or more people attending : $25 pp plus travel

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